Frequently Asked Questions


What is the expiration date of my item?

Our products may be stored up to one year or more past the Production Date Code, under ideal conditions (commercial or chest-type home freezer). The shelf life may vary widely in most other home freezers because of higher temperatures and temperature fluctuations (due to frequent opening, defrost cycle, and addition of foods, especially those not already frozen).

Below is an example of how to read the Production Date Code:

Code: 3340M1

1st number = last digit of year (e.g., 3 = 2013)

Next 3 numbers = Julian date / day of year (e.g., 340 = December 6)

Next letter and number = manufacturing location and shift designation

How can I get a coupon for BlueWater products?

We do not have a coupon mailing program, but we do offer other great ways to save. We do our best to supply the products you want at great prices because we know that grocery bills can get pretty expensive; that's why we work with retailers to try and save you even more.  Look for our periodic in-store discounts and our coupons in your local newspaper inserts, in addition to those sometimes available on our web page,

Can I cook BlueWater products in the microwave or toaster oven?

Because oven sizes and temperatures vary widely, cooking BlueWater’s Seafood products in the toaster oven is not recommended.

Is it safe to eat BlueWater products after they have been thawed?

For best results, our products are prepared from a frozen state. Do not refreeze or cook any product which has thawed. Immediately discard.

What other allergens do BlueWater products contain?

As required by the Canadian Food and Drug Regulations, all of the major foods allergens, if present, are clearly listed in the “Contains” statement following the list of ingredients on all of our products’ packaging.

Formulations are subject to change without notice. We suggest always checking the ingredient list at time of purchase.

Is there supposed to be an inner bag in the box?

BlueWater carefully considers the product needs of each item when designing the appropriate packaging for each individual item. Some of our products do merit a bag in box package and some products do not require it. Our packaging is designed to meet the needs of each product and to meet our environmental goals.

Our battered and breaded fish products are carefully formulated to maintain freshness during storage. To best protect these products, we pack them in cartons that have a special lining on both sides. We also continuously test and monitor our products to insure that we are providing consumers with delicious, fresh-tasting, high quality products.

Where do BlueWater products come from?

Different fish species require different temperatures and growing conditions, so BlueWater sources fish and seafood from numerous countries around the globe. All of our ingredients and finished products go through rigorous quality checks that meet all Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) requirements, and we don’t accept any fish that do not meet our high standards.